Emily Clements


Emily has always had a passion for working with people, educating them and inspiring them to achieve their very best. Emily earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and English as well as a Bachelor of Education Degree in 2004. She has been teaching since then.

While teaching in the elementary school sector abroad, Emily realized that she was missing an integral part of her life; movement education. She decided to pursue her Pilates mat instructor training at Hearts and Bones Studio in Wellington NZ under Tania Huddart. Tania Huddart came to Pilates training through a career in teaching dance and is a Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certified Pilates instructor, and the owner of Hearts and Bones Pilates® Centre.

Seeing a need for Pilates in her local area, Emily began teaching classes. When she returned to Canada in 2007 it was natural for her to continue to share her passion for Pilates and body/movement education. Emily completed her Apparatus training (reformer, cadillac, tower, chair) at The Space Vancouver under the tutelage of Marta Hernadez and during 2007 and 2008 under Jennifer Coyne, at Coyne Pilates in Toronto.

Her passion for teaching and interest in body movement led to a natural progression into Pilates and fitness teaching once back on Vancouver Island. Having personally dealt with injuries she was focused on how to safely and mindfully move the body in everyday activities. In her Pilates and fitness training, she is consistently amazed with the deep strength, integration and rehabilitative aspects of movement, empowering her students and clients with tools to deepen their body awareness and re-pattern their daily movements.

Emily works with a range of ages. Her education in child/adolescent development, as well as adulthood and aging has greatly benefitted her in teaching. She has solid understanding of Pilates & movement whether it’s for rehabilitation, cross-training or to get/stay fit. Pilates/movement restores the body’s muscular balance to improve joint stability and anatomical function as a whole.

Through years of experience in the education field, Emily is skilled in working with children and adults of all abilities. Her career as a school teacher is bridged into the studio where she is educating children and adults. Emily has a passion for helping students to be the best they can be, achieve to their highest potential and find the inner strength and balance that is within us all. With her diverse experience, strong intuition and positive attitude, Emily is dedicated to helping you make healthy physical and lifestyle changes.

Knowledge is ever evolving and therefore ongoing training is essential, which is why Adage’ Studio supports its’ staff in continuing education. Among Emily’s formal trainings she is also constantly evolving her knowledge through workshops and experiential trainings. Each summer Emily travels to various places like Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, and Vancouver to continue her training with a variety of skilled instructors in the dance/movement industry.

Emily’s Training:

  • Mat Pilates – Hearts & Bones – Tanya Huddart
  • Standing Pilates – Hearts & Bones -Tania Huddart
  • Pilates Equipment – The Space Vancouver – Marta Hernadez
  • Rehabilitation Protocols for Pilates – The Space – Marta Hernadez
  • Prenatal Pilates – PhysicalMind Institute – Meghan Aris
  • Restorative Barre – Anneliese Burns Wilson
  • Floor Barre – Camille Rommett
  • Envisioning: The Future of Technique – Deborah Vogel
  • Dynamic Stretching – Deborah Vogel
  • Body Placement – Denise Wall
  • Pilates for Dancers – Linda Farrell
  • Core Conditioning – Linda Farrell
  • Body Placement- Paula Morgan
  • Feet, Legs & Inner Balance – Paula Morgan
  • Ballet, Pointe & Technique – Judy Rice