Deanie Coleman


Deanie has been highly involved in fitness most of her life, and lives in the Cowichan Valley with her two awesome boys.  When the boys were toddlers she took up a more serious focus on weight training and high intensity cardio work (HITT). When she is not at the gym she is coaching sports, walking, hiking and teaching elementary school.

Deanie’s Fitcore classes are a combination of full-body cardiovascular work, combined with body weight exercises designed to develop muscle and strength. There are often weight lifting components to the class from a beginner to intermediate level. The class is designed to allow for those who are new to fitness/strength work, as well as for those who want more of a challenge. There is always a priority on correct form and listening to one’s own body and abilities. Hey- some days our body just doesn’t want to do what we want it to! There are both circuit-style classes and teacher-led classes. Each class has a core strengthening component and always ends with stretching and some light, basic yoga poses to set the tone for the day. She is always expanding her realm of sport/fitness and has recently taken up mountain biking and aerial fitness and dance.  Deanie includes essential oils at the close of her class that help deepen awareness of gratitude, our beauty within, and encourage relaxation.