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Adagé Studios is excited about the changes to our Day Program for the upcoming year! Our partnership with the Grove has grown over the past year and we are excited about the development of an Adagé Cohort. Our students will be assigned a School District 79 teacher to guide them through their individual learning plans. The teacher will set up times for students to meet and receive instruction. This program allows for students to work around their yearly schedule and manage performance times along with their studies.


Students will register with the Grove as their primary school. This will provide them with $600.00 to be used towards extra-curricular classes that can be applied directly to your account with Adagé Studio or it can also be used for a variety of other activities to enrich the student’s curriculum. Students have the option to choose certain academic or electives that they would like to do at Frances Kelsey. This allows students flexibility in their curriculum. If they prefer to have a lab for their Sciences or participate in Foods at Kelsey they can.

Students are also able to attend Frances Kelsey for their academics and participate in the Day Program at Adagé. Students are still able to participate in sports teams and all regular graduation activities with their class at Frances Kelsey even if their primary school is The Grove.

If students are wanting to remain at their current school, once they are in Grade 10 they can choose to do their electives through Adagé & The Grove as well. Students need to hand in weekly sheets recording their class activities so that credits can be obtained.

ADAGÉ Cohort Eligibility:
  • The program is eligible to students age 8 & up.
  • This program is for students who wish to attend the Grove under the Adagé Cohort but does not want to participate in Day Program.
Day Program Eligibility:
  • The Program is eligible to students age 10 & up.
  • Students must be additionally enrolled in the following after school classes: 3 ballet classes per week, jazz, jazz tech. (Please note: Junior Program requires 2 ballet classes per week)
  • Students must apply and auditions will be held for those students who are not currently enrolled at Adagé Studio. Students who are currently enrolled at Adagé Studio will be evaluated in class & an acceptance letter will be emailed.