Policies & Attendance

Communication Policy

We at Adage Studio make tremendous efforts to keep parents informed of what is taking place and what is expected at dance class.
In order to for this to occur we have put a home-studio communication policy into effect. WE SEND ALL IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO YOU THROUGH EMAIL. This includes, monthly newsletters, updated class information, schedule changes and show information. It is important that you check your email regularly to ensure you are receiving the messages. Please make sure we have updated email information and that you add the studio to your contacts so we are not in your spam folder. If you do not receive regular emails please check with office so that we are aware of this problem.

Pick Up & Drop Off Policy

At Adage Studio we take the safety of our students seriously.
PLEASE make sure that you are coming into the studio to pick up your children. We will not allow them outside of the studio into the parking lot if they are under the age of 14 without a parent meeting them at the door.  If you want your child to be able to leave the studio without a parent please visit our office and sign a permission form.

Payment & Receipt Policy

Please make sure that you have chosen your payment plan and have all cheques on file that are required or a credit card authorization form.
If you are unsure of the status of your account you can login to your parent portal to see account activity. To obtain your parent portal please contact the studio office. Accounts that do not have a payment plan on file by the end of September will be charged a $50.00 administration fee.


Attendance is extremely important for all classes.
If your child is going to miss class it is extremely important that you call the studio office to let the instructor know. Our instructors need time to plan classes and if your child is going to be away the instructor may change their class plan.

Attire Extremely Important

It is extremely important that you take the time to read our required attire for classes this fall.
We understand that not all students will own the required attire for the first class in September but it is our aim that all students have the proper attire by Sept 30th. Wearing proper dance attire helps instill a sense of seriousness as well as allowing the teachers to see body placement. This includes proper hair and footwear as well. HIP HOP SHOES MUST BE INDOOR ONLY AND NON MARKING. View our Attire Page Here.