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Hanna Seinen

Musical Theatre, Musical Theatre Production Musical Director, Music & Movement

Tempestuously creative from a young age, Hanna has performed in various capacities across Canada for almost a decade. It was Adagé, in fact, where she first began to cultivate a passion for performing and creative expression through movement and song.

The fine arts community in the Cowichan Valley, and the support of organizations such as the Cowichan Valley Performing Arts Foundation (CVPAF), helped to nurture this burgeoning talent. Eventually, her passion guided Hanna to study classical voice at the Victoria Conservatory of Music and Concordia University in Montréal, Quebec. Both institutions offered a wealth of artistic guidance and experience across musical genres. Over the past three years, Hanna has had the privilege of working with several esteemed mentors, most notably: Ingrid Attrot, Kathleen Brett, Raphael Wagner, Louise Rose, Michiel Schrey, and Dr. Irene Feher (D. Mus.). She has also had the opportunity to perform with established local musicians such as Daniel Lapp and Mike Demers.

In addition to being a classically trained singer, Hanna is an actor, poet, and songwriter. In September, she will be recording her first full-length studio album of original compositions with musician/producer Adam Dobres. Other recent projects include the role of Mathilde in Fool’s Paradise (Blue Elephant Theatre) produced with the 32nd Annual Victoria Fringe Festival.

Hanna hopes to share her fervor for the performing arts with all of her students at Adagé. She hopes to help curate an environment where young people can feel safe to explore and express themselves through music, movement, and performance.